Are you getting the results that you want to be healthy?
Do you feel sometimes that getting good results and a healthy lifestyle is too much work? How useful would it be to get a health “M.O.T” without having to use your GP or Hospital? To understand how your metabolism is working and FindOut how to train your body for optimum results?

The FindOut Clinic is a multi-functional health and well-being clinic. As the only clinic in Northern Ireland to use the cutting edge Cardioscan equipment the Findout Clinic offers you premium health metrics that typically would only be ac-cessible through your GP.

Benefits of Vitality Health Check

Tailored Training Plan: Find a safe and effective pro-gram for your training goals.

Find the Fuel that’s Right for You: Expert coaching will ensure you know the right foods for sustainable success.

Pathway to Resilience: Explore your need to unwind and relax

Vitality Health Check​

Our Vitality Health Check comprises of five assessment areas to build a com-prehensive picture of your overall health.


Charts the stress, fitness and training levels of your heart giving you an view of it's performance.


Determines resting metabolism and metabolic profile (including fat and carb building mode).


Shows the distribution of body fat, lean mass, body water and muscles.


Documents relevant risk parameters and measures blood pressure.

Cholesterol & Glucose

Gives diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk check using a small sample of blood from the finger.

Making a Difference to Peoples Lives


Cost is £144


Activ Health Club Members 30% Off

NICS Social Club Members 20% Off

NICSSA Members 10% Off

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