NICSSA and NICSSC Data Privacy Policy

Date of implementation: 30th
April 2018


  1. Data Privacy Summary
  2. Who we are
  3. The information we collect about you
  4. When we collect your information
  5. How we use your information
  6. How we use automated processing or analytics
  7. Who we share your information with
  8. How long we hold your data
  9. Implications of not providing your data
  10. How to exercise your information rights including the right to object
  11. How to contact us
  12. Updates

1. Data Privacy Summary

AtNICSSA and NICSSC,we take your privacy seriously. Itisimportantthat you knowexactlywhatwe
do with personal information that you and others provide to us,whywe gatherit andwhatit means
to you.
This documentis being provided to you in linewith our obligations undertheGeneral Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR),whichwill come into force on 25May 2018.
Fromthatdate,GDPR will amendexistingdataprotectionlawandplaceenhancedaccountability
GDPRwillalsointroduce changeswhichwill give you greater control over your personal
information, including a rightto objectto processingof your personal informationwhere that
processing is carried outfor our business purposes.
Please take time toread thispolicy carefully. If youareunder 16yearsof age, please read this
summary with aparentor guardian and ensure you understand it. If you have any questions about
howwe use your information, please contact your NICSSA or NICSSC business manager, details
provided below.
This document explainsthemostimportant aspects of howwe use yourinformation andwhatrights
you haveinrelationtoyourpersonal information

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